Art Magnet designs.

Art Magnet designs.


For a Sales Meeting: Business meetings really can send a motivational message
when they give BenQQ's Custom Art Magnets to team members. The image
above, like every image you see in these pages, can be changed to read any

Businesses use use Custom Art Magnets in all sorts of ways--
from market events to inclusion in packets to bag stuffers 
and over
the counter handouts.
Your Art Magnets are built for your people to see
and remember you with the best messaging and memorable image

working for your business. And you want that memory to remain good.

When you give your CAMs to your people, they appreciate it as a gift--
because you've made it personal, artful and physical in a world of digital.
They keep it. They display it. BenQQ's CAMs are all metal with custom
designed art under mylar. People love to hold and look at them, but
most of all DISPLAY them in their various personal and work spaces.
Here's a casual and funny Art Magnet we made for networking meetings.
We always followup with a call and reference my Art Magnet as an
ice breaker. Everybody remembers it.

More importantly, your Custom Art Magnets come from you--
with our 
help if you need it. Your business can use our free images,
art plus low one time disign serves
 as needed. The mission of
your CAM is to 
associate message supporting images/art with
your business while 
remaining the most convenient "go to"
source when your people need you.

CAMs subtly reinforce your relationship with your existing
arena as 
well as expand awareness among its personal cohorts. 

Sure, 87% of Americans have personal magnets in their home,
according to CBS. 
When businesses hear a stat like that, the first
thing they think of is 
how can I get on those places..fridges,
workshops, commisaries,
cubicles, etc.?

A retail business CAM given with receipt to customers.

But a question they never ask is, how can I stay in those places?
Increasingly, the space on home refrigerators, for example, is 
crowded with all sorts of magnets. It is like the advertising arena itself--
too many messages in too small a space.

Magnets are culled and thrown away. In other words, most magnets
just don't pass the test of time.


A walkin business hands these to customers, Name,
web site and email on back edges.

Note: We also provide velcro backing for display in
fabric cubicles.

All images above are but a small sampling. Look
through each 
category and find an image that works
with your message,
then jump to ORDER at far
right top.

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