Art Magnet designs.

Art Magnet designs.

The Country Cat Family is a photo picture book reader for children. Its photos can be used in a wide ranging backdrop to personal messages of all kinds. We have inserted some of these into the drop down themes above. Written and designed as a "read along" for parents and kids, the books contain high resolution images of a real related cat family that lives at the home of their photographer. The photographer took pictures of the deep woods in the backyard of his home and the Country Cats insisted on going out with him every time he walked and photographed. One day he started taking pictures of the cats running and exploring in the woods. He took thousands of pictures and began to see a story. The first book of the series can be purchased here.

The original pictures here are just a few that can be made into unique "message magnets" for people that love animals, allegory and, of course, cats.  

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