Art Magnet designs.

Art Magnet designs.


People use my Art Magnets (and cards, wall murals, etc) for all kinds of reasons. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction. Art Magnets can be that exclamation mark to any event. Sometimes people ask us to create an Art Magnet for their personal event, like a party, birthday or July 4th get together. We are more than pleased to create your Art Magnets to represent your event-from the most personal to your professional network. Here're some examples...



Uncle Lee's World Tri Event was from a real event
where contestants could get action shots and
then rendered artfully on their persoal Art Magnets.


THE KICK we covered a socker tournament and completed this Art Magnet
rendered artfully. We use about a dozen effects. Ask about them.

Note: You can use images that might fit your event without using personally captured images. Look through all the themes above. You might also have your own image that fits your purpose. Remember, besides the image, its your message that adds to the impact of your Art Magnet, as well.